Sept. 17th First night of Breezy class
Sept 19th First night of Brooklyn class
Oct. 8th No Classes – Breezy (Columbus Day)
Oct. 31st No Classes – Brooklyn (Happy Halloween!)
Nov. 18th Oireachtas Pep Rally & Showcase

Colony Theater, Breezy Pt

Nov. 21st – Nov. 26th No Classes – Brooklyn & Breezy

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dec. 2nd Celtic Christmas Brunch with Santa,

Knights of Columbus, Brooklyn

Dec. 17th, 18th and 19th Christmas Parties at Dance! (during regular class)
Dec. 24th – Jan. 2nd No Classes

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jan. 21st No Classes – Breezy (Martin Luther King Day)
Week of Feb. 18th No Classes – (Midwinter Recess)
Week of April 21st No Classes – Spring Break!
May 27th No Classes – Breezy (Memorial Day)
June 17th

Last day of Classes (Breezy)

June 18th and 19th Last day of Classes (Brooklyn)


End of Year Show